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Bella Lafontan

My Personal Journey As A Companion & Creative


Welcome, I'm Bella. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance and offer a glimpse into my world. As a refined independent companion based in Milan, I indulge in my hedonistic and playful nature. Standing at 5ft 7in with a slender physique and exuding charisma, I naturally stand out.


In both my professional life in marketing and my private affairs, I carry a perpetual smile and an eagerness for action. Whether leading or being led, I embrace new experiences with enthusiasm. Authenticity and honesty are at the core of who I am, despite any semblance of an alter ego. Although I have a certain demand for myself and my surroundings, a casual unpretentiousness remains at the forefront.

"Without elegance in the heart there is no elegance."


- Yves Saint Laurent

 Get to know a little about me and my lifestyle.​

​Your unforgettable experience starts with me.

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